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This page is meant to be easy guide for beginners to get their LES unmanaged VPS up and running in the shortest time and with as little troubles as possible.


Together we will cover how to get LES VPS, first steps, basic security tips and how to host simple static webpage like the one you are reading now.

What's VPS, LES, etc? And how can I use it?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Simply put, we have more (virtual) servers running on one physical server. Each VPS has its own portion of resources, which are usually guaranteed, so that different VPS are independent of each other. They have own filesystem, users, you can reboot them individually, etc. As there are many virtualization technologies, details can be different. Internet is your friend if you want to learn more about this topic.

VPS has wide range of usage - one can use it as private VPN, to host websites, as a game server, etc, etc...

LES stands for LowEndSpirit. As its website states, "The goal of is to provide the user (You) with inexpensive resources on a virtual platform.". With LES you can get your own VPS for as cheap as 3 euro a year. And LES is what's this guide about. If you keep up, you can have your LES VPS running in less than few days!

This website is in no way associated with LowEndSpirit! I personally used everything mentioned in this guide ( is hosted on LES), but there is no way to be sure that repeating anything from this guide could result in your ban from LES or breaking your VPS.

"The services offered on lowendspirit are unmanaged i.e. self managed (By You) this allows the low price to remain low." This means that if you are not willing to learn new stuff, the service is not for you.


To write this guide, I used many information available out there in wild of internet and man pages. Great thanks go for members of LES forum! I learnt a lot and used a lot info from their forum posts in this website.

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